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Vietnam Gold Edges Hovers at VND42.39Mln/Tael

09:38 | 08/05/2012

 Vietnam gold hovered at VND42.39 million/tael on Tuesday morning, almost unchanged from yesterday close. The world gold lost both in Asia trade this morning and in New York trade last night. 


Success & shortcomings

10:27 | 07/05/2012

 Vietnam’s economy hopes to face fewer difficulties in 2012 than in 2011 but a number of challenges remain, writes Professor Nguyen Quang Thai from the Vietnam Economic Association (VEA).


Indices slip on sluggish trade

08:32 | 26/09/2011

Vietnam TradeShares closed off slightly for a second day on the HCM Stock Exchange, with the VN-Index slipping by 0.17 percent on Oct.18 to end the session at 457.59 points.


Businesses again have to pay additional fee for dollars

08:34 | 21/09/2011

Commercial banks have begun restricting the lending in dollars by raising the lending interest rates. The actual dollar price applied in the transactions at banks is higher by 100 dong per dollar than the quoted level.


Price USD bank on expensive

01:15 | 17/08/2011

After declining in the way of purchasing and selling price stability, this afternoon, some commercial banks to push prices higher dollar collected from light. On the free market, the selling price is gradually cooled.


Gold will dominate the domestic currency

01:53 | 16/08/2011

This week too, changes rapidly increasing prices of gold has sparked fears in the long run gold will dominate the domestic currency on a number of ways.


Gold price of less than 44.5 million

00:53 | 15/08/2011

Pressure massive sell-off by investors, the international gold price today 12 / 8 decreased, sometimes below $ 1,722, helping the precious metal fell 250,000 in the water this morning.


"Fireplaces" Gold is off?

00:56 | 13/08/2011

After complaints crazy day price jump, the gold in the country seems to have returned to a stable orbit as fluctuating around 44.8 million / volume, only the higher world price of gold converted 200,000.


Gold prices fluctuate, quiet trading

01:28 | 12/08/2011

Gold price fluctuations in panic this morning, instead of scrambling to buy or sell every day, people tend to 'real war plan' listening situation.


Investors Gold, "documents" were all stakes to hold?

07:19 | 11/08/2011

"Investors are not surrendered by the finding that the fulcrum in front of the" market strategist Milton Ezrati of Lord Abbett Co. company in New Jersey (USA) said.


World gold spiked to new record $ 1,661 / oz

01:56 | 03/08/2011

World gold prices have soared overnight to record levels of $ 1,661 / oz as investors increased the demand for gold as a safe haven amid global economic growth tends to slow again.


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